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SIOP’s Searchable Conference Program Helps You Plan Your Own Schedule

If you are attending SIOP's 28th Annual Conference in Houston, let SIOP help you get the most out of your conference experience!

The annual conference offers so many presentations, special activities, receptions, and plenary sessions that it is impossible for one person to attend them all. Make it easier to attend the events you want and create a personalized schedule through the Searchable Conference Program and Personal Scheduler.

This searchable program and scheduler was designed to give attendees a tool to maximize their conference experience. It allows you to search all of the conference sessions and events and then build a schedule you can share with friends and colleagues.

In the searchable program, you may look for conference sessions by presenter's affiliation, submission title, presenter's last name, one content area, multiple content areas, or time. Once you find the sessions you want to attend, add them to your personal schedule and print it off or share it with others. The personal scheduler saves your schedule so you can access it anytime you log in to the conference program. You can then continue to add or remove sessions whenever you like, leave personal notes about each session, schedule appointments, and even obtain a copy of your schedule by printing it, sending it to your e-mail calendar, or saving it to a PDF or Excel file.

You can then share your schedule with friends or colleagues by making it public through the privacy settings option. Then others can search for you by last name and compare schedules or arrange a meeting that fits around your chosen sessions. (Don’t worry, only SIOP members will be able to see your schedule, and your personal notes will remain private.)

Also, a new feature this year is the option to download select documents from the program search. During the submission process, presenters were given the option to make their proposals public. Look for the “click here to download document” phrase at the bottom of the session description to download the full conference proposal and get a better idea of what’s in store at the conference.

Get the most out of your conference and make sure you don’t miss any of your favorite sessions. Create your personal schedule today!

Pssst! You Won’t Want to Miss the Mobile Planner Either!

When you arrive in Houston in April, you will also want to be able to
get your personal schedule on your smart phone and other mobile devices. SIOP’s mobile planner is the perfect solution. Check back to SIOP.org in
the next few weeks for a story explaining how to use the mobile planner
to get your conference schedule on the go!