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Foundation President's Message




SIOP is the connecting point for integrating science and practice at work. Thousands have voluntarily contributed ideas, talent, and effort to achieve SIOP’s past and present successes. SIOP is the world’s leader in fostering and showcasing evidence based practice for human resource issues in private, public, and volunteer organizations.

The SIOP Foundation is SIOP’s partner in this grand venture. By providing SIOP’s members and other contributors the opportunity to leverage contributions as tax-deductible gifts, the SIOP Foundation is building for SIOP’s future.

Since 1996 the SIOP Foundation has received $1,546,877 in contributions and an additional $744,503 in pledges. Every pledge is being honored. Our total assets have grown 5% in the past 12 months, and now total $2.37 million.

These are turbulent economic times, but nevertheless we are continuing to build. Recent SIOP Foundation Spotlight columns in TIP have reported the creation of the SIOP Scholar designation, the launch of the Jeanneret Award for Excellence in the Study of Individual or Group Assessment, and the Thornton Scholarship, which will go to an advanced graduate student who exemplifies the scientist–practitioner model

Some SIOP members have been able to be extraordinarily generous in helping to advance our mission. This year we recognize Bill Macey. Bill has given a major endowment, one which will create scholarships honoring Irv Goldstein and Ben Schneider.

We are continuing to build because over 500 SIOP members have been able and continue to be ordinarily generous. Undesignated contributions go into the Advancement Fund, which has garnered more than $602,000 since its inception, and paid out over $190,000 for small grants, supplements, and scholarships. I hope that in the coming year we will realize major additions to our Advancement and Scholarship funds.

Foundations are able to grow their assets while simultaneously providing proceeds to support approved scientific, educational, and charitable causes. Since its beginning the SIOP Foundation has provided support to SIOP of $394,523, consisting of income from the endowment of the contributions. SIOP used all of this funding to provide scholarships, awards, and small grants, doing so without having to dip into member dues or other revenues. Thus your contributions to the Foundation extend SIOP’s impact and effectiveness in building our vital applied science community.

Help SIOP and the SIOP Foundation today to continue building. Contribute your ideas and expertise to SIOP as it works to foster evidence-based practice and to expand its impact throughout the world of work. Donate cash, CDs, stocks or bonds to the SIOP Foundation’s Advancement or Scholarship Funds. Or, put a long range plan into place and make a pledge, or set aside a portion of your estate in a charitable bequest.

Now is the time to contribute—it will take even more ideas, talent, effort, and resources to meet the challenges of the future. SIOP and the SIOP Foundation would like to be among your beneficiaries.

Milton D. Hakel, President the SIOP Foundation

PS: If you need to make a mandatory IRA distribution, as do I and others of my generation, direct it to the SIOP Foundation.