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Fiscal Cliff Action Alert!



An Announcement from the FABBS Council of Representatives

Every major news outlet is devoting coverage to the "fiscal cliff" and the negotiations between the White House and U.S. House and Senate leaders on major issues, among them significant, impending across-the-board cuts to federal research budgets. If you have not weighed in on this issue in the last month, do so now!

The Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Science (FABBS), of which SIOP is a member, is asking SIOP members to help advocate to Congress. Science advocates across the spectrum are weighing in to urge all parties to adopt a balanced approach to deficit reduction that protects important investments in science.

FABBS has an Action Alert open now that allows individual scientists to contact their U.S. House and Senate elected officials, and they would like SIOP members to participate. It involves reading a message for Members of Congress created by FABBS, entering your home address, and then clicking the send button. It is important for scientists to get involved at this level, and responding to the Action Alert is the simplest way to do it. It's really that simple—and we need scientists to participate if you want science to fare well as the budget cuts take center stage again. Read the Action Alert here!

SIOP members are encouraged to share this information with others as appropriate. You can also sign up for FABBS Action Alerts with time-sensitive announcements like these here.

Help protect funding for I-O psychology and have an impact at the federal level!