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My.SIOP is Your SIOP!



We’re Bringing All Your Member Activities and Resources To One Easy-to-Use Platform

Big changes have come to the SIOP website recently. We’re making it even easier to access all of your account features and information via the my.SIOP platform. My.SIOP will now serve as the home for all member-related content and activity—locating all of your favorite member benefits and resources in one easy-to-use dashboard!

After months of preparation and development, along with feedback from members, the Electronic Communications Committee proudly presented SIOP’s newest member-only online community in April. We are now implementing the second phase of the my.SIOP project by moving all member account functions to the my.SIOP community. Members used to login to SIOP.org and gain access to member-only content dispersed throughout the site. Now, after logging into SIOP.org, all of that member-only content—along with all of your account information, dues payments, the directory and other programs—will be located on your my.SIOP dashboard.

These are your colleagues. This is your profession. My.SIOP is your new way to interact with them all. With my.SIOP you can communicate, keep up with news, share information, access your account information, use SIOP resources, and collaborate all in one place. Continue reading for a tour of the changes you will see when you visit SIOP!

Some Changes You Will Notice:
  • When you login to SIOP.org from the main page, you will automatically be directed to your dashboard on my.SIOP.
  • When you login to SIOP.org from any page other than the homepage, you will see a new menu appear on the left-hand side with links to your my.SIOP account.
  • The “Members” menu will no longer appear on the grey menu bar after logging in.
  • All your member links are now on the dashboard so the member home page has been phased out.

What Are All These New Buttons On the Left?

When you login to SIOP.org on the homepage, you will automatically be directed to your my.SIOP account, or dashboard. If you login to SIOP.org from any page other than the homepage, you will notice a new set of links appear on the left-hand side of the screen. These are quick links to my.SIOP, and include easy access to your dashboard, profile, news feed, groups, and the community directory. The links that used to be in this section can now be found on your my.SIOP dashboard. Continue reading for more information and frequently asked questions about the my.SIOP changes!

Where Did the Member Home and Members Menu Go?

Most of what was formerly on the “Members” drop-down menu can now be found in the left-hand column of your my.SIOP dashboard, under “My Account,” “My Membership,” and “My Profession.” The SIOP discussion lists have now been moved to their respective my.SIOP groups and the membership certificate can be found under “Member Materials” along with a presentation of your membership benefits.

Most of the relevant links from the “Member Home” page can now be found in the left-hand column of your my.SIOP dashboard, along with other relevant resources from the SIOP.org menus, such as the IOP journal, TIP, and Newsbriefs. The story that used to appear on this page can now be found each week under “SIOP Updates.”

Where is the Member Directory?

Members now have access to a much more robust and intuitive community directory that includes all SIOP members, just like the old member directory, but now also offers exciting new ways to find other members. There are several ways to find the basic “Community Directory.” You can access it from the “People” drop-down menu on the top of your my.SIOP dashboard, by clicking the directory link under “My Account,” or by going to your “Member Map” section and using the options there. In addition to the community directory, this section features the “Members Nearby” link that takes you to the member map as well as an explanation of how to get on it. With the member map, you can now see a visual representation of our membership around the globe!
In addition to searching by location, name, employer and other information in the community directory and member map, you can also use the tag cloud, located under the “People” menu, to find members with similar interests.

The classic SIOP member directory will be phased out in the near future, but you can still use it now by clicking here.

Where is the Contact Update Button?

Your SIOP profile (and all the information you used to enter into Contact Update to show up in the SIOP member directory) is now part of your my.SIOP profile. All of the information SIOP keeps about you can now be edited through my.SIOP. In the top left-hand corner of your my.SIOP dashboard, you will find your “My Account” section. Click on “My Profile” and you will see basic information that is shared with the SIOP community the same way the former SIOP member directory shared information.

Your member profile information has been pre-loaded into the system based on your information and privacy preferences from the former SIOP Contact Update and member directory, so you will see that some of the fields in your profile are already populated. However, my.SIOP also allows you to add even more information about yourself, such as a complete bio, tags, and social media links. Me encourage you to take advantage of all of these new features!

Whenever you change any of your basic information in my.SIOP, it will automatically be updated SIOP’s records. When you click to edit your profile, you will only see some basic information that is viewable by the community. To edit your entire profile, which includes information such as your IOP journal preferences, media resources, and your areas of interest, click the “Edit Full Profile” button at the top left of the page (see photo). This gives you access to your full account, similar to what you used to see on Contact Update. Anything you edit here or on the previous page will be sent to SIOP’s records just like Contact Update used to.

Your Profile:

Here are some steps for completing your profile:

  1. In the far left column you will see links for editing each of the sections of your profile. Here are some tasks to get you started:
  2. Add a photo of yourself. (Browse your computer files for a photo of yourself, select the photo you would like, and click “Upload”)
    1. Choose which address you would like to appear on your profile (remember, only members can view this information)
    2. Map your address by using the Google Maps function (Click “add myself to map” under manage addresses).
    3. Add a bio of yourself.
    4. In the “tags” section, include a few topics that interest you. For example you might list “Leadership, dogs, skiing.” By doing this you will be able to find colleagues with common interests.

How Can I Pay My Dues?

For unpaid members (who cannot login), you can still pay your dues on the “Membership” drop-down menu when you are not logged in to SIOP.org. If you are a paid member who would like to pay for the coming year during dues renewal season, you can access the dues payment button by clicking the “Dues Schedule” button under “My Account.”

How Can I get Back to SIOP.org From my.SIOP?

Simply click the “SIOP.org” link in the far left section of the main gray menu bar to return to SIOP.org at any time. Once you are at SIOP.org, you can return to your dashboard on my.SIOP by clicking the “My.SIOP” link on the far right section of the gray menu bar or clicking the various personalized buttons in the left-hand column.

Should I Still Use SIOP.org?

The general public can still access everything that has always been located for public use on SIOP.org, such as TIP, Newsbriefs, and general information about SIOP. While we encourage you to use your personal my.SIOP dashboard to find all of the resources you need from SIOP, you can still find news stories updated each week on the SIOP.org homepage, sponsor information, general information about SIOP, and other non-member-oriented content on SIOP.org.

Why Should I Use My.SIOP?

Your my.SIOP dashboard will now replace all of the account functions and resources found on the former “Member Home” page and “Members” menu on SIOP.org. My.SIOP is now the home of your official “account” information and activities, and everything you used to find when logging in to SIOP.org can now be found there.

In addition to this recent change, my.SIOP also provides an opportunity to connect with your SIOP colleagues in new and exciting ways. With my.SIOP you can now take charge of your professional persona by filling in your complete biography and adding a profile photo. You can expand your member interaction with blogs, forums, and special interest groups. Share and collaborate using a library to upload documents and wikis to share ideas and information about I-O psychology.

The my.SIOP member community makes it easier than ever to find I-Os that share your interests by searching the tag cloud or locating someone on our Google map. You can also express yourself with your personal profile and blogs and keep up with committees and others through group pages. It’s an all-in-one location for members-only interaction with your SIOP friends and colleagues in the world of I-O.

Can You Help Me Use My.SIOP?

Your first step should be the “Getting Started with my.SIOP” section below “My Account.” This section gives you several resources for starting your experience with my.SIOP, including a user’s guide, directory, group list, and more. You can also access the my.SIOP user’s guide here.
Getting Started

  1. Visit SIOP.org and login with your member username and password.
  2. Once logged in, if you have not done so already, you will be prompted to read and accept the terms of use. This will happen only once. You will not be prompted to do this during any future logins.
  3. You are now on your my.SIOP welcome page, or dashboard!
  4. Take some time to explore your personalized links in the “My Account” section or the resources located in the left and right columns.
  5. Read the stories located in the center column for updates from SIOP and the community.
  6. Find and collaborate with other member using the links in the “Member Map:” section.
  7. Contact the SIOP Administrative Office at 419-353-0032 if you have any questions about using my.SIOP or locating something in your account.

We hope this new community will enrich your SIOP member experience!