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Become a SIOP Rep!




American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) Division Student Representative Network (DSRN) Seeks SIOP Representatives

The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) would like each APA division to designate one student to serve as division representative to the APAGS Division Student Representative Network (DSRN).

Submit your letter of interest by December 1, 2012!

Although all APA student affiliates automatically are members of APAGS, the person in this position would serve as the official SIOP representative to the APAGS Division Student Representative Network. Key responsibilities and benefits of this position include:

  1. Becoming an active participant on the APAGS-DSRN discussion list in order to facilitate the reciprocal dissemination of information between SIOP and APAGS
  2. Communicating with other APAGS division representatives to discuss issues such as student leadership structures, strategies for increasing student involvement in the divisions, and development of student specific programming
  3. Helping to create and disseminate the DSRN Resource Guide
  4. Collaborating with other division representatives to develop and disseminate a division student checklist to guide students’ advocacy efforts within their divisions on issues such as student involvement and programming, division mentorship programming, creation of opportunities for networking with division members, and improvement of division’s benefits in order to cultivate student leadership and recruitment
  5. Helping in hosting a networking meeting at the annual APA convention
  6. Becoming a student member of the SIOP External Relations Committee and providing the committee with occasional reports about APAGS activities.

Instructions for Interested Students:

Interested students should send Deirdre Knapp (dknapp@humrro.org) and Seth Kaplan (skaplan1@gmu.edu) brief letters of interest by December 1, 2012. Letters should be no more than one page and should describe reasons for interest in this position and relevant qualifications. The SIOP External Relations Committee then will choose a representative based on interest and qualifications.

Further Information:

More information about the APAGS Division Student Representative Network (DSRN) can be found here http://www.apa.org/apags/about/get-involved/division-reps/. For specific questions about this position, please also feel free to contact Dr. Eddy Ameen, Assistant Director of APAGS, at eameen@apa.org.