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Advocate for Research Funding by November 6 Before Congress Pulls the Plug

The APA and FABBS (Federation of Associations of Brain and Behavioral Sciences) have brought an important U.S. government issue to our attention. If congress does not act soon, an arbitrary and automatic 8.2% cut to science funding and other core government functions will happen on January 2, 2013. This policy, called sequestration, will have devastating effects on science funding. Without congressional action, NIH will be cut by $2.5 billion, and NSF will be cut by $586 million.

What can you do to avoid sequestration and devastating cuts to science programs?

You can protect stable and sufficient federal investments in science by talking to your congressional leadership to find a bipartisan, balanced approach to deficit reduction -- and avoid the devastating, arbitrary, and automatic 8.2% cuts to science and other core government functions due to sequestration. To make this process easier, we have provided the information you need to contact and urge your congressional leaders to act before it’s too late.

Please try to advocate for science funding
before the November 6, 2012 election.

To Identify Your Congressional Leaders:

Go to www.house.gov to find your representative in the U.S. House; go to http://www.senate.gov to find your senator. Follow the links to their web page to read more about them: their biography, committee assignments, and priority issues for the district. Get the e-mail, location, and phone number for the district office near you from the website.

Cut and paste this into your e-mail (and please fill in relevant information in yellow highlight):

Dear Representative/Senator [insert name here]:

It’s no overstatement to declare that the innovation created as a result of government investment in scientific research has been the intellectual capital equivalent of the interstate system--together they stand as the two best investments the nation has ever made. In the past 50 years, we’ve witnessed breathtaking advances in commerce, health, sports, industry, and all areas American economic system because science has been able to flourish through public investment. The innovation that has resulted from the investment in scientific research has increased the productivity and value of the American worker in ways that have transformed the world. Just as investment in roads, tunnels, and bridges gets our goods and services to markets, and just as investment in schools creates a productive workforce, so too does investment in science fuel the continuous improvement in our quality of life.

Sequestration, and the general disinvestment in scientific research it will trigger, threatens the long-term prospects of another American century. As the global economy continues to be increasingly dominated by new knowledge creation, disinvestment in science will force a tragic retreat from the world stage.

I am writing today to tell you that the value proposition created by investment in my field of research, industrial and organizational psychology, is enormous. Research conducted by I-O psychology is a key driver of evidenced-based practice that has helped companies select the right employees for the right jobs, train them, evaluate and optimize their performance, satisfy them, motivate them, and retain the most successful employees while helping the less successful find better fitting jobs. Through our research, companies have helped leaders and managers improve their skills and trained teams to work together more efficiently, productively, and safely. I-O psychology research allows the delivery of quantifiable outcomes, which result in greater productivity, workplace effectiveness, organizational profitability, worker well-being, and, ultimately, wealth creation.

Too often the public thinks of research as a cost rather than an investment. But any way you add it up, scientific research has yielded the single best return on investment that our nation has ever made.

I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with your staff to explain further how evidence-based research is critical to our nation’s well-being and long-term viability. Please write to me [insert e-mail], call me directly [insert telephone number], or visit the website of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology at www.siop.org if you would like to know more about how I-O psychology enhances our understanding of people in the workplace and how organizations work most productively, effectively, and efficiently. In addition, our national spokesperson is David Nershi and he would be happy to speak with you as well. He can be contacted at dnershi@siop.org or 419-353-0032.

America’s competitive advantage will be at stake if disinvestment in scientific research happens through sequestration. I urge you to help save funding for the scientific research that continues to build our nation and world.

[your name>]