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It's Time to Vote!



Learn About This Year’s Candidates as Well as the New Voting Procedures

Voting for the newest additions to SIOP’s leadership begins November 1! Voting members will receive an e-mail with instructions for voting and a list of their candidates and biographies. SIOP voting members will be choosing who will fill the following Executive Board positions:

1. President-Elect

2. External Affairs Officer: Responsible for External Relations, International Affairs, and Visibility Committees

3. Professional Practice Officer: Responsible for Professional Practice and State Affairs Committees

4. Instructional and Educational Officer: Responsible for Education & Training and CE Committees

It is important to be informed about the candidates for SIOP leadership. All of this year’s nominees are exceptional. Nonetheless, they have different perspectives.

Read more about this year’s candidates here. Your vote is important because our officers shape SIOP’s future—plan to cast your vote!

Members will be sent a link when the election site opens. All voting will take place online here. The elections procedures have changed. Read more about the voting changes made earlier this year here or continue reading for a detailed description of the changes, including the preferential voting process.

What Has Changed?

In January of this year, the SIOP Executive Board reviewed a proposal from the Elections Committee to refine several aspects of SIOP’s election procedures to make them more transparent, inclusive, and encouraging of member participation, and fair and impartial to individual candidates. A new set of committee policies were adopted and changes have been incorporated for the upcoming election. The new procedures can be found here.

The new procedures include the following improvements:

  • During the recently concluded nominations period, members were allowed to amend their choices until the last day of the nominations period.
  • Candidate biographies and goal statements have been posted on a website that is available to the membership throughout the voting period here.
  • Voting will be conducted using a preferential voting process that allows for an instant runoff.
  • Results of the voting will be posted on a website available to the membership. Nominees for office were informed that the results would be posted and will be advised of the results prior to making them available to the general membership.

How Will the Preferential Voting Work?

The biggest change most members will notice is that when you vote during this election you will be asked to rank the candidates you like through a preferential voting technique. Instead of the vote being all or nothing, you will be able to provide your opinion of each candidate through the ranking process as opposed to just having one choice for your favorite candidate for each seat.

Votes for SIOP president-elect and officer positions will be recorded using the Ware single transferable vote method (voting is done by ranking candidates and an automatic runoff is calculated, per the procedures used for APA’s presidential election). Candidates are placed in rank order and each person elected must receive a majority of the votes cast. Ranking of all candidates is encouraged but not required.

When votes are tallied, if your first choice receives the lowest number of votes, your vote is transferred to your second choice and so on until one candidate reaches the required quota. This system is also known as a “single transferable vote” or instant runoff method.

Please review the links below for a detailed look at the new voting process.

This is a screenshot showing the ballot with the blanks to fill in your candidate rankings.

This example of a vote tally shows how the totals for each of the “instant runoff” voting round.

If you have any further questions regarding casting your vote, please contact the SIOP Administrative Office at 419-353-0032 or lnader@siop.org. If you have questions regarding the voting procedures changes, contact the SIOP Elections Committee.