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SIOP Leadership Candidates Announced!



SIOP President-Elect and Officer Voting November 1-30

It’s nearly time to choose among the candidates! Voting for the newest additions to SIOP’s leadership will open November 1. Voting members will receive an email with instructions for voting and a list of the candidates.

Voting begins November 1, 2012

SIOP voting members will be choosing who will fill the following Executive Board positions:

  • President-Elect- Serves 1 year in this capacity and then assumes the office of president. The president presides at all meetings of the Society, acts as chair of the Executive Board and exercises general supervision over the affairs of the Society, and is an ex-officio member of all committees.
  • External Affairs Officer- Has oversight responsibility for External Relations, International Affairs, and Visibility Committees. The term for this office is 3 years.
  • Professional Practice Officer- Has oversight responsibility for Professional Practice and State Affairs Committees. The term of this office is 3 years.
  • Instructional and Educational Officer- Has oversight responsibility for Education & Training and CE Committees. The term for this office is 3 years.

The complete list of candidates is below. All the candidates are exceptional. Nonetheless, they have different perspectives. Full bios and statements from the candidates will be posted to the SIOP Elections page in the coming weeks. SIOP encourages you to read this information before voting.

The voting procedures have also changed this year. These elections will use a preferential voting process that allows for an instant runoff (HARE system). A complete story about the elections changes can be found here. Check the SIOP website in the coming weeks for a more detailed explanation of the new voting process. Remember, your vote is important; our officers shape our future!


Jose Cortina
Deirdre Knapp
Steve Kozlowski
James Outtz
Rob Silzer

External Affairs Officer:

Lillian Eby
Milt Hakel
Fred Oswald
Neal Schmitt

Instructional & Educational Officer:

Laura Koppes Bryan
Chris Cunningham
Marcus Dickson
Eden King

Professional Practice Officer:

Alex Alonso
Cris Banks
John Cornwell
Chris Rotolo