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People in the Press



Are You Going to be on TV or the Radio? Let Us Know!

If you are planning to be a guest on a television or radio program where you will discuss I-O psychology, help SIOP lead others to watch or listen to your program live!

Reporters have found SIOP and its membership to be a rich source of information for work-related stories. Hundreds of specialty publications and websites, national and local media look to SIOP for knowledgeable professionals to assist with these workplace stories. Many SIOP members have been featured on television and radio shows, including CBS News, The Today Show, and various NPR programs.

If you are planning a radio or television appearance, inform SIOP beforehand so we can work on advanced promotion of your program through SIOP’s web and social media resources. This helps members tune in to the live event instead of just being informed about it afterward. If you let us know ahead of time, we can alert members of when and how to watch or listen to these programs.

In addition to encouraging others to tune into your radio and TV appearances, SIOP want to keep up-to-date on the acknowledgements of its members for its own purposes. The office keeps track of media coverage of its members throughout the year to compile into the “Members in the News” section of The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP).

Don’t Forget About Print Media Mentions!

Even if we can’t view or listen to your media appearance live, if you have been quoted in a newspaper story or was your work cited in another form of media, SIOP wants to know about it! Although we can’t direct people to read a newspaper story before it is published, you can always let us know afterward so we can promote it.

In recent months, SIOP members have been quoted in publications across the country, from the Washington Post to Forbes.com and CNN.com to more local papers such as the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and the Baltimore Sun. By letting SIOP know about your media coverage, you can be acknowledged by your fellow SIOP members as well.

Your media coverage may also make a great story for SIOP. Your recent source of coverage may be used for a story on the SIOP website, as a press release to other media outlets, or in various other marketing efforts for the Society. Every mention of a SIOP member and his or her work in the media is helpful to our mission to gain greater visibility for SIOP and I-O psychology!

You should also let us know if you have a new book coming out. We often put advance notices out or even write feature stories on particularly interesting member books.

Your news can be sent to Communications Manager Stephany Schings Below at sbelow@siop.org or Clif Boutelle at boutelle@siop.org. Any questions or comments can be e-mailed or directed to the Administrative Office at (419) 353-0032.