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External Awards



New SIOP Subcommittee Seeks Nominations for FABBS Foundation Award

Although members have a wide selection of SIOP and Foundation awards to apply and nominate for each year, finding external sources isn’t always as convenient. A new subcommittee within SIOP seeks to expand the opportunities for recognition of SIOP members’ achievements by locating external awards and encouraging members to apply for them.

At the request of SIOP President Doug Reynolds, the Awards Committee (chaired by Leaetta Hough) recently set up the new External Awards Subcommittee, to be chaired by Luis F. Parra. The purpose of the new subcommittee is to expand the opportunities for the recognition of the achievements of SIOP members and thus increase the recognition and visibility of the I-O discipline and of SIOP as a result.

“To summarize its activities, the External Awards Subcommittee identifies opportunities to nominate SIOP members for recognition via awards from external entities, and then facilitates and monitors the nomination process for identified awards,” Parra explained. “The subcommittee scans relevant sources, disseminates the call for identified award nominations to SIOP members, collects and proposes nominations, and presents them to a nomination board for review and selection when necessary. Committee members are not responsible for the actual submission process. Their mission is to identify award opportunities, facilitate identifying and engaging nominees and nominators, and verify that the submission is completed.”

The subcommittee will initially consist of a chair and at least three other members: One member of the Awards Committee (initially Nancy Tippins), another from the Visibility Committee (initially Stephanie Klein) and a third from the External Affairs Committee (currently TBD).

Targeted sources of awards and honorary recognition from I-O related academic or professional associations include federations or societies (APA, APS, FABBS, SHRM, ASTD, CPA, EAWOP, CIPD, International Test Commission, British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology), and other academic, practitioner, and business-related organizations and associated foundations, as well as those from distinguished nonprofits, NGOs, and media organizations. Parra said the subcommittee wants to encourage all SIOP members to submit suggestions on potential sources for external awards to ExternalAwards@siop.org.

“This new SIOP committee aims to identify key opportunities to recognize the excellence and dedication of SIOP members and to promote the visibility of our field," Parra added. "I am excited to launch the work and look forward to this bridge role across SIOP committees. Work for this subcommittee will be done throughout the year as target award sources are identified and pursued."

As its first initiative, the External Awards subcommittee is currently seeking nominations for the 2013 FABBS Foundation Early Career Investigator Award. The Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences (FABBS), of which SIOP is a member society, is a coalition of scientific societies that share an interest in advancing the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior. The Early Career Investigator Award is presented by the FABBS Foundation to early career scientists of FABBS member societies during the first 10 years post-PhD and recognizes scientists who have made major contributions to our sciences.

The submission deadline for the FABBS Foundation Early Career Investigator Award is October 12, 2012. All submissions must be provided via e-mail to
the External Awards Subcommittee at ExternalAwards@siop.org.

The goal of the award is to enhance public visibility of mind, brain, and behavior sciences and of the particular research of award recipients. Nominations are encouraged for individuals who have made outstanding research contributions, and especially – but not exclusively – for those who have also increased awareness of science through outreach activities to the public (e.g., community talks, high school demos) or communication with the media (e.g., interviews, blogs). You can find out more about this award, including how to apply, here.