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Training or Selection: Battle for the Budget



SIOP Blogger Discusses Budget Choices

How should an organization distribute its budget percent between training and selections? Are great employees born or made? In his recent post for the SIOP Exchange, SIOP blogger Adam Hilliard tackles these questions.

“A few weeks ago I had a kickoff at a client site with a project team that included the regional HR staffing director and corporate training manager,” Hilliard explains in his post. “In a side conversation, we had an opportunity to talk shop about other projects, and they brought up their recent budget planning and how it had always seemed they were jockeying for each other’s slice of the pie.”

Hilliard explains how the client asked him how he would distribute their budget percent between the two departments.

“Are great employees born or made? This clearly was not a question I thought would bode well for me,” Hilliard continues. “When possible, in the world of consulting, you try to deliver win-wins, as every contact is a potential ally down the road. After cracking a few jokes about knowing the limits of my scope and moving on, I gave it some thought on the flight home.”

Continue reading SIOP blogger Adam Hilliard’s thoughts on this topic in his blog post here, and post your reactions and comments to the Exchange today.

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