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Discussion Boards



Win-Win for Instructors and Students?

Forget the blackboard. In your classrooms do you use discussion boards? In the second of a three-part series on using discussion boards to teach I-O psychology, SIOP blogger Jennifer Bunk discusses some of the advantages to instructors and students.

In her recent blog post for the SIOP Exchange, Bunk explains the advantages of using discussion boards for students of all different personalities.

“When I ask students what they like most about my classes, they almost always mention the discussion boards,” Bunk explains. “Introverted students especially love them because their voices are finally heard. In discussion boards, it’s not the loudest person who wins, it’s the most insightful.”

In her post, Bunk also explains some of the advantages to instructors.

“I love reading what students have to say,” she says. “It gives me an insider’s view of what my students are thinking, and I can use that to be a better instructor.”

Bunk goes on to provide tips for managing discussion boards and student comments, including suggestions for assigning discussion postings on a staggered basis so the posts are not overwhelming for instructor or student.
Continue reading the rest of the advantages of discussion boards by SIOP blogger Jennifer Bunk here, and post your reactions and comments to the Exchange today. You can also read Jennifer’s introductory post on the discussion boards here.

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The SIOP blogger crew is also a diverse one, with Members, Student Affiliates, and Associates from science and practice, working in organizations such as Northern Illinois University, Denton Consulting Group, University of Baltimore, Select International, Inc., SAWA Consulting, and as organizational consultants. For a complete list of SIOP bloggers, visit the blogger profile page on the SIOP Exchange here.

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