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Thinking Like Steve Jobs




SIOP Blogger Discusses the Ways I-O Can Start Thinking Differently

Nearly a year after his death, Steve Jobs continues to stand as a symbol of originality and invention. As the anniversary of Jobs’ death nears, SIOP blogger Manisha Bajaj discusses some of the business practices I-O psychology can learn from the iconic innovator.

In her recent blog post for the SIOP Exchange, Bajaj examines five guiding principles she believes increase the capacity for innovation, as exemplified by innovators such as Steve Jobs. She also debates how these principles can be applied as I-O psychologists conduct research on innovation using I-O approaches for developing theory and practice.

One of the principles Bajaj discusses is to embrace a futuristic approach.

“Steve Jobs was a rebellious, revolutionary thinker,” she explains. “He wanted to change the world and focused on making products for the future. He did not restrict his focus to the needs of people based exclusively in the present but also focused on future needs. None of us knew we would need a touch screen phone that we could also use as a device to read our e-books!”

Bajaj then challenges the I-O psychology community to question their own approaches.

“Do we, I- O psychologists, have a futuristic approach?” she asks. “When looking for gaps in the literature to make a case for our dissertation thesis, do we direct our focus on areas that will not only help us address the concerns of current organizations but also those of organizations in the future?”

Continue reading the rest of the five guiding principles by SIOP blogger Manisha Bajaj here, and post your reactions and comments to the Exchange today.

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About SIOP’s Bloggers

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