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Better Together

Talya Bauer capped her year as SIOP president by celebrating the work of several individuals who embody SIOP’s ideal of equally valuing and integrating the science and practice of I-O psychology. 

Dr. Bauer’s focus on this ideal was also evident in several other features of the 34th Annual SIOP Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, held April 4-6, 2019.

The year before, at the closing plenary of the 33rd Annual SIOP Conference, Dr. Bauer announced the creation created a task force on Science Practice Opportunities for Translation, the SPOT Task Force.

“As president of SIOP, one thing that is possible is the formation of task forces designed to address a specific issue,” she said.  “I saw the need and the opportunity for more focus on strengthening and celebrating the intersection of science and practice given how foundational I perceive this to be for SIOP's value and continued success.” 
In February, 2019, a task force subcommittee chaired by Donald Truxillo and including Frederik Anseel, Kathryn Dekas, and Shonna Waters issued a call for nominations for the Scientist Practitioner Presidential Recognition.

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Attention SIOP Students: Do You Know YOUR Opportunities? 

Apply for SIOP Awards Before It’s Too Late

Hey, Student Affiliates! If you’re not applying for the funding opportunities offered by the SIOP Foundation, you’re missing out!

Nominations and applications for the 2020 SIOP and SIOP Foundation awards, scholarships, and research grants are now being accepted until June 30, 2019.

Don’t miss this opportunity to submit your research project for an award or grant, apply for scholarship funding to help with the expense of carrying out your dissertation research, or nominate a deserving colleague. ...Read more


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APA Briefing 

3 Communications Initiatives

SIOP members who are also APA members should take note of three communications related offerings with impending deadlines: a communications training to help “Make Your Science Make Sense,” an editor search for a new journal, and a call for rapid submissions for the Division 19 “Wine Down” poster session at the APA Convention.

Science Communications Training

Early registration rates for the “Make Your Science Make Sense Training. end April 30.  The event, scheduled for May 16-17, 2019 at the Alan Alda Center for Communication Science in Denver, Colorado, will teach techniques to help translate science to nonscientists, along with other professional communications topics.  Learn more about the event and register here.

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